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Individual Sponsors

Thank you for your generous donation to the GRO Gaining Thanksgiving Drive. Your support is invaluable as we strive to provide Thanksgiving meals to 3000 individuals in our community. Your kindness embodies the spirit of the season and brightens the lives of many. Your contribution is deeply appreciated.

Thanksgiving Drive Donation

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Thank you for your donation!



"Hello, my name is Terezz and I'm very grateful to have an opportunity to partner with Gaining Resources for Outreach and help fight homelessness within the community. It takes a village to help fight homelessness and hunger. Sometimes people just need a helping hand or a few resources. Collectively we were able to provide during GRO's first annual Thanksgiving drive, which brought smiles, hope and joy to all around. It's not about what you can give, sometime it's more important what you can do to help. Having an understanding and reason is very important today understanding the situation."

Terezz, FL

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