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Little Library

We aim to provide educational resources and outreach to underprivileged communities. One of the programs launched by the organization is the Little Library Program, which seeks to promote literacy and access to books by placing small, free libraries in marginalized communities.


The Little Library Program involves installing bookshelves or small structures in public spaces such as parks, community centers, or outside of homes, where community members can access books for free. The program also encourages community members to donate books, which are then made available for others to borrow and read.


Placing Little Libraries in marginalized communities is important because it promotes literacy, education, and community engagement. Many low-income communities lack access to libraries or have limited resources to purchase books, which can hinder their educational opportunities. By placing Little Libraries in these communities, Gaining Resources for Outreach Inc. provides access to free books and educational resources, promoting a love of reading and lifelong learning.


In addition to promoting literacy, the Little Library Program also helps to build community connections. The program encourages community members to engage with one another and share resources, which can help foster a sense of community ownership and responsibility for the Little Libraries.


Overall, the Little Library Program launched by Gaining Resources for Outreach Inc. is an important initiative that promotes literacy, education, and community engagement in marginalized communities. By providing access to free books and resources, the program helps to empower underprivileged communities and promote lifelong learning.

1. Pick a book from our library

Pick a book that interests you from one of our library box locations.

2. Read the book

Read the book front to back and take notes.

3. Write a report

Write a 3 page report on the book and upload your report to receive one of our rewards. You can scan the QR code or upload your report here. Return the book back to the library box when your finished.

how to earn rewards

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